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Website maintenance & functionality

WordPress is a comprehensive website platform and operations center, with plugins playing a crucial role in enhancing functionality and bolstering security. These plugins ensure smooth site maintenance, allowing a typical WordPress site to optimize performance by incorporating six or more plugins.

However, a couple of issues can arise when using WordPress plugins:

Cost: One issue is the cost. While some plugins offer free versions, investing in premium options is often necessary to access desired features. Premium versions of plugins come with varying price points, ranging from $47 to $200. These charges can be either one-time or recurring. Consequently, a website owner may pay $200-300 annually for the plugins.

Conflicts: Another issue that can occur is conflicts between plugins. These conflicts can potentially cause a website to malfunction or even crash. Identifying the source of the conflict can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

WPMU DIV Plugins:

WPMU DIV has created a set of eight plugins that effectively address the aforementioned issues. By subscribing through Elite Web Presence, you can obtain all eight plugins for a fee of $10 per month or $120 per year. The most noteworthy advantage is that these plugins work together seamlessly, ensuring that you will not encounter any conflicts. In addition, with these eight plugins at your disposal, you will likely find that you will not require additional plugins in the majority of cases.

Plugin Subscription

For a subscription of $10 /month or $120 /year, you can have all eight plugins listed here. In addition, you will have a hub dashboard in your account where you can easily monitor the status of your site and automate maintenance.

Smush pro

User's choice, award-winning, and benchmark tested – The best image optimizer plugin for WordPress.

Hummingbird Pro

Everything you need to get your site running super 'est.

Defender Pro

Regular security scans, vulnerability reports, safety recommendations and security tweaks Jor WordPress.

Hustle Pro

Grow your business and audience with this super easy, super slick email opt-in and marketing plugin.

Forminator Pro

Drag and drop WordPress form builder plugin with interactive polls and quizzes for increasing user engagement and building a following.

SmartCrawl Pro

Boost your PageRank and drive more traffic to your site with little effort and simple conf guration.

Snapshot Pro

Make and schedule incremental backups of your WordPress websites and store them or secure cloud storage.

Beehive Pro

Customizable Google Analytics dashboards, statistics, and reports for WordPress and Multisite.

Eight Plugins - One Price

Get all 8 pro plugins plus access to your own dashboard for monitoring and automation. Just $10 monthly or $120 annually.

$120 /Year

$10 /Month

Compare the cost of these eight professional plugins to 
that of a single professional plugin from another brand.

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