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Many non-profit organizations and small businesses do not have unlimited resources allowing them to pay top dollar for an attractive web presence. So, they take advantage of the many Content Management Systems (CMS) available, such as WordPress and Joomla, to design and maintain their own websites. This works well for those who have someone available who has the knowledge, ability, and time to use these services competently. For those who don't, the attempts to design their own website using one of these services results in a poorly designed website and/or one that is seldom updated. A static, unattractive, website can be worse than not having a website. A bad impression given those who do find the website can be worse than no impression.

We can help your organization or business have a well-designed website without "breaking the bank," or the budget, building in the features that will be SEO friendly as well. We will also provide training for a person in your organization or business to be able to maintain the site for the long haul. We are always as close as the phone or email to help with snags or to add new features as needed. And if you want us to maintain the site for you, we will do that as well.

Elite Web Presence

Every business and organization needs a well-designed web presence that puts their "best foot forward" to potential clients, customers, or members who seek their services through the convenience of an internet search. We are committed to providing a custom design for our clients that does just that - puts their "best foot forward." Accomplishing this involves more than an understanding of the web industry. Listening carefully to our clients to understand their business or organization along with its needs and then responding accordingly is also an important part. The better we know your organization, the better we can provide a website design that attracts first-time customers or potential members/clients to your organization and keeps them coming back.

Elite Web Presence specializes in web design and development for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and churches. Having worked in various capacities with small businesses, non-profilts, and churches, we understand how they function, their needs, and their financial limitations. This is why we strive to provide quality web design "without breaking the bank."

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