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If you are searching for a web designer who can provide you a smart and flashy website design, Elite Web Presence may not be your choice. Smart and flashy is not what we aim for. Attractive? Yes, most definitely! But after you have paid big bucks for the smart and flashy, will it bring visitors to your website? Not if they can't find it. And unless the design of your website is built around Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is unlikely that potential visitors will find it. And if the site is not well-organized around selling your product or your organization, those visitors who do find your site will not stay long or return. These are known as "bounced" visits, referring to those who do not view the site beyond the page on which they first landed.

In short, a well-designed website is a balance between user experience and search engine requirements. And user experience is a balance between eye appeal and intuitive layout. Add to these requirements for a good design the need also to have the user take action whether is to make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, or some other action.

Then, there is another important consideration for a well-designed website. How will you maintain the site? Will you have to continue dolling out big bucks to pay a professional or will it be possible for someone in your business or organization to keep it updated? These are important questions to also consider as you search for a web designer. While Elite Web Presence will be glad to design a site for you that requires a professional to maintain it and while we will be glad to maintain your site for you, our first consideration as we discussion design options with you will be to explore the most economical approach without sacrificing quality. We are convinced that if we look out for your best interest first, it will also be beneficial for us as well.